Subject vs Object

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Subject vs Object

It is very interesting to note the intricate connections between Special Theory of Relativity and the philosophies from the six technical terms defined in Gita Ch 8, namely Adhi-Atma, Adhi-bhuta, Adhi-daiva. These three also form fundamental concepts in samkhya philosophy.

The Special Theory of Relativity describes the variations in the Universe as observed by two different observers who are moving at different speeds compared to the universe or object of observation. A typical example is when an astronaut (travelling in a spaceship) flashes a light on a mirror in the ceiling and the reflected light strikes the floor after reflection. He will see the see light going straigth up and coming down. But an observer on the Ground will see the light taking a diagonal path upwards and downwards. So obviously the length of the path of the light has increased for the ground observer. To keep speed of light constant the time on the ship must have been moving slow compared to ground observer (means the spaceship traveller will age slowly). So everyone of us see space and time differently. So space and time are connected as one continum. Object moving at high speeds experience space contraction and time dilation (compared to slow moving observers) So what is really real?

Samkhya describes the three aspects in any perception, the seer, seen and the process of seeing. The process of seeing is the connecting link that has the characteristics of both the conciousness and matter and that is why it is able to connect the two different realms the knowing principle and the matter itself (the connecting link is both transcendent and immanent). As everything including fundamental matter has a part of 'conciousness' because of its original relationsship (from which it came) to Absolute Reality which is made up of Consiuousness and Existence only. The process of seeing or the connecting principle is the only fundamental unchanging background of all, which can see the Universe as it is, everything or everybody else only observes a changing and incorrect universe. The connecting principle is pervading everywhere and at all times (is infinite and eternal, here infinte does not mean a vast space but means no space at all !).  It has to be everywhere as perceptions and comprehensions are possible everywhere we are located. When it exists as one thing only, there is no space as space is nothing but an ether created by two different things separated. The subjectiveness and objectiveness are connected by a 'Knowing Principle' which is a third entity that 'knows' the Universe as it in its fundamental realistic nature which is nothing but pure existence and conciousness (Sat-Chit) and this state leads to bliss (anand). So the untimate reality is Sat-Chit-Ananda. When you become and observe the universe from the position of the connecting principle or Sat-Chit-Ananda, you will not see the universe as it will be you only without any manifestations ! It is like 'thought' thinking itself only, eyes seeing itself only.

All these concepts and ideas, are derived from our Beloved Swamiji Krishnanandaji's (Divine Life Society) writings and speeches. Hari Om Guruji, pranams !
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