Mind in various States

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Mind and its various states

Mind takes various states and phases like how ice (solid), water (liquid, slightly subtle) and vapour (gas, more subtle). During dream, the mind is like water, in dream same water splits into various names, forms and shapes and appears as the self being present in the dream and various objects and people. For example, if a tiger chases you in dream, a small potion of the mind stuff (like water) is able to wake you up. So a small amount of water is able to shift the entire mass of the water to another state like a solid state (like the wake state). In wake state the universe as we perceive is nothing but the same stuff from cosmic mind, but very solid. In deep sleep state the water turns into gas and the apperances of objects and people ceases. But when we return to wake state, there is no re-collection of the gas state ! We can only infer that there was some awareness or conciousness of the gas state as memory is not possible without any experience at all. So the re-collection of the gas state demonstrates that we had been existing in a more subtle state than the gas state which was watching the so called 'nothingness' and registered an experience which we recall later.

Similarly in wake state although the entire universe is the cosmic mind stuff, a Guru (is also a cosmic mind stuff) in the form of tiger can wake us up and move us to Awakened state (how we woke up from dream by a tiger) !

All these concepts and ideas, are derived from our Great Swamiji Krihnanandaji (Divine Life Society)'s wirings and speeches. Hari Om Guruji, pranams !

(This is the personal opinon of the writer and may not be accurate and / or may not represent any other materials)


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